Break-ups and Heartbreak

- Smriti Gour

The smile was mostly real

Tinged with only a little pain

It wasn’t hatred coursing through her

And she wasn’t hiding her tears in the rain

She was moving on 

Or, at least, that’s what she told everyone 

But her heart was still caught up in tangles 

And finding closure was easier said than done

Does anyone really get closure?

And what does moving on even mean?

If standing still felt better than moving

And the only thoughts you have are of what might have been

Inside, her heart was breaking 

But she pasted a smile for the world to see

Tears threatened to fall any second 

But she had given up on trying to be free

Her smile was wobbling

And her laugh sounded fake

But even as she let the tears fall

She knew she would not break 


She was made of stronger stuff

Than even she really believed

And this was a just a tiny dent in her heart

As temporary as this moment when she grieved 

Even if it felt like the world was ending 

And all she wanted to do right then was cry 

Next time, she would still be open, if not vulnerable

Her heart held enough faith to give it one more try

She would trust with caution the next time

And her heart would heal from this 

She would take a leap of faith again, 

And, maybe, this time she won’t miss