Good days and bad



Some days she can barely smile

Other days she feels lighter than a cloud 

Some days she’s just hiding behind that laugh 

Some days even that whisper is too loud 

There are good days and bad

But she chooses to face them all 

She lets life embrace her even when she knows

That any second now, she could fall 

Sometimes she can look and not think about jumping 

Other times she feels too close to the precipice

Sometimes the darkness overwhelms her 

And then the idea of an end seems to entice

But she has nerves of steel, that one

And faltering doesn’t mean fall 

She might linger in the blues for a while 

But she never lets herself be backed up to a wall 

She might have spent the night crying 

And she may give in sometimes to the tears

But after every bad night, she still wakes up stronger

And proves that her will is stronger than her fears

You may think she’s weak, but she’s strong

You may think she’s breakable, but I assure you she’s not 

The bad days may outnumber the good

But she won the battle you didn’t even know she fought