“Depressed is just a state of mind “

“I could never ever be that sad”

“All of us have problems, you know”

“She’s weak, no wonder she went mad” 

“She’s crazy,” they whispered

Mental, agreed another

“She pops pills like they’re candy”

“So unfit to be a mother”

‘Psycho’, some said in disgust

And suppressed a judgmental smirk

“She acts like a schizo”, others complained 

“Being friends with her is so much work”

“She’s seeing a psychiatrist”

“God knows she needs it”

They whispered and mumbled just loud enough

That today, she took a hit

“She’s on drugs”, said someone 

“And she drinks way too much”

“What problems could she have anyway?”

“Her ‘issues’ are just a crutch”

“She’s gone off the deep end”

“There’s no saving her anymore”

“The scars she has won’t ever go away”

“Why even bother when we know for sure?”

Sticks and stones no longer hurt her 

She was numb to the pain

But words hit right where it counted 

She had nothing to lose, nothing to gain 

She was all of us 

And she was everyone we met 

She was a face in the crowds you forgot about 

But your words, she would never forget 

But she got out of bed everyday 

And faced a cruel world with hope

She believed in her, even if you didn’t 

Even though some days, hope was a slippery slope

She was braver to have tried 

Than you were to have judged 

She will have surpassed your expectations and her own 

But your self righteousness still wouldn’t have budged 

You don’t know her

And you haven’t walked in her shoes

But you have opinions galore 

And you seem to know all about her ‘issues’

She exists beyond her problems

And her life extends beyond your thoughts

Every day she thrives is a victory 

And every day she survives is still a war she fought 

Talk, ask questions

Ask her how she is once in a while 

Open your hearts and open your minds

And together, we can walk the rest of the miles