You for you

- Smriti Gour

What did you do to be happy today?

Did you take the time to smile at nothing?

Did you stop to smell the roses?

Did you finish the song you were starting to sing?

What did you do for yourself today?

Or was your day gone in a blink?

At the prospect of another day like today,

Did maybe, a little bit, your heart did sink?

Were you kind to yourself this day?

Or could you only see your faults?

Did you feel fresh air and let yourself just be?

Or did you feel like you are trapped in a vault?

Did you end the day with a smile?

Or did you sigh in relief to finally be done?

Did you wait all day for the day to end?

Did crossing off another day feel like you won?

If I asked you how you were? 

Would I get a breezy, thoughtless, yes?

Or would you frown and say fine?

Or would you stick to the noncommittal, “I guess?”

Does your heart waver?

At the paths your life has taken?

Do you grimace bitterly sometimes?

Do you sometimes feel forsaken?

Do you feel like a cliche?

And not the good, happy kind

Do you control your choices or do they control you?

Are you afraid to look, scared of what you may find?

Do you let go sometimes?

And do you tell yourself you love you?

Do you accept yourself the way you are?

Or do the lies you spout somehow seem true?

Let go today, for maybe just a little while

Don’t be your worst critic today

Breathe and give yourself some time 

For tomorrow is always a brand new day