You’ve got this

- Smriti Gour


What did you see in the mirror today?

The lipstick you spent long minutes on?

Or that the shade was too much for you?

That makeup was just a con?

How did the tens of selfies make you feel?

That maybe you should have taken a few more?

Or that the filters couldn’t hide your faults

Or how unflattering was the dress you wore?

Did you feel as confident as you looked?

Or did your smile wobble at the barbed words?

Did you let their opinions bother you?

Will you now follow the herds?

Are you using their adjectives for you?

Too fat , too thin or too loud?

“Just a pretty face,” did you let them tell you?

Did you just want to blend in the crowd?

Have you ever felt beautiful?

Only for the camera to not agree?

The pictures don’t define your beauty

You are more than what the lens can see

Did you let them dim your ambition?

Because deep down, you believed them

Did you let yourself think, too 

That you were roadside rubble and not a gem?

Did you confidence take a beating?

At the thoughtless critique that follows you everywhere?

Did you get offered advice?

About your weight, or the fact that you weren’t fair?

Are your smiles muted?

And do you feel not enough?

Will you believe me when I tell you,

We’re all, at worse, diamonds in the rough? 

Just breathe and keep going

One step after another 

You’ve got this, all on your own

And you don’t need approval of others

I believe in you

And I repeat, I believe you’ve got this

Only you define your limits

And there’s always a way out of the abyss